Q: What is Graffiti vinyl lettering?
Vinyl lettering is pre-spaced, pre-pasted lettering that you easily install onto your wall or just about any surface. They transfer on easily in minutes.  The letters are thin – equivalent to a couple of coats of paint, so they give you the look of hand-painted stenciling without the time and trouble.  Graffiti is high Quality vinyl that will not fade or crack.

Q: Where can I install vinyl lettering and designs?
Graffiti lettering and designs can be installed just about anywhere you want to put them. Painted walls (light and medium texture work fine.Wood, furniture, ceramic tile, metal, glass, porcelain, painted brick, wallpaper, bathroom sinks, showers, doors, hardy plank, mail boxes, and much more.  Sand like textures including stucco and other sharp textures do not work well with vinyl.

Q: What are the best tips for installing vinyl lettering?
View our detailed applications instructions here
Another tip: once you have the lettering against the wall, wait about 10 minutes and then remove the top see-through paper. Remember this is a (removable) adhesive and this allows it to set to the wall making it easier to peel off the top paper without pulling up letters.

Q: How do I remove vinyl lettering and designs?
Vinyl is easy to remove. Graffiti works well for both home owners and renters because they come off when you are ready for them to without damage to your wall.  To remove, pull up a corner of each letter by using your fingernail or tweezers and gently pull off the lettering in a downward motion.  If your wall lettering has been up for a longer period of time, you can soften them up by using a hair dryer to make it easier to remove.  If any sticky residue is left, use alcohol or goo-gone.Graffiti can not be held responsible for damage to paint or any surface. We speak from our experience, and cannot insure that all experiences will be the same. Please wait at least 3 weeks for new paint to dry and cure before applying our letters.

Q: What if I don't see the design I want on your website?
We have a CUSTOM DESIGN CENTER where you can create your own sayings, using over 40 fonts and 40 colour choices!  Or is you need help with a logo or special project please contact us: contact@graffiticanada.com  (please note we charge a $25 design fee for use of a designer and you will receive a proof and cost prior to accepting the design)

Q: Can I make a Catalogue Graffiti Larger?
YES, we charge $1 per inch for enlarging graffiti (in each direction). For example, if a Graffiti is listed as 5" high x 10" long and you would like it to be 7" high x 13" long you would be charged an extra $5.00. Graffiti by Flourish Decal & Design is not responsible for items looking disproportional, it is best to try to keep a similar ratio when enlarging the Graffiti.

Q: Can I make a Catalogue Graffiti Smaller?
YES, we can happy to change the size of a pre-designed Graffiti. To decrease the size there is no price change (a we have to pay a designer to make the size change). Graffiti by Flourish Decal & Design is not responsible for items looking disproportional, it is best to try to keep a similar ratio when changing the size of the Graffiti.

Q:Can I make a word change?
YES, we can typically make a word change in a pre-designed catalogue Graffiti. We charge $5.00 for each word changed. Please note that this only becomes an issue when you are wanting to insert a much longer word then you are removing (if we are limited on space). The word change comes only in the same font and size as the word being removed.

Q:Can I have a Catalogue Graffiti in a different font?
Graffiti file formats are not your typical word document, we design Graffiti using a Commercial version of a Graphic Design Program. Each file is similar to a "picture" and because of this, unfortunately we cannot simply just "highlight" and change the font. To Change the font of a pre-designed Graffiti we have to start the file from scratch, so we recommend that you use our GRAFFITI CUSTOM DESIGN CENTER to test out different fonts.

Q: Are the color samples on the website exact matches to the vinyl I will receive?
No, unfortunately, some computer monitors show colors slightly differently. They are usually a very close match. If you are unsure, just email us and we'll send you a color sample of your choice OR speak to a Graffiti Consultant.

Q: I wrecked a letter when applying my Graffiti/ a letter is missing...now what?
We will happily replace an individual letter(s) for FREE. Please contact us with your mailing address, Graffiti Item #, Colour, and let us know which letter needs replacement. On the rare occasion, a Graffiti sneaks by us with a letter missing (they are triple checked before being shipped) however after looking at millions of letters sometimes we miss one.  Please contact us if this happens and we will ship the scoundrel to you.

Q: How long does it take for an order to process and what are the shipping costs?
Your Graffiti is made to order, the process begins the next closest Monday to receiving your order and is shipped on the Thursday of that same week.
It will typically be to you in 2 weeks or less from your order date.
Online Shipping is a flat rate of $10 no matter the amount of Graffiti you purchase, we often also have shipping specials.
Shipping through a consultant is $2.50 for your first Graffiti and 50 cents for each other Graffiti ordered, if it is ordered (or combined) with a party.  Ask your consultant about the direct shipping rates.

ALBERTA: 2-3 days
BC/SK/MB: 3-5 days
Eastern Canada: 5-7 days

Q: Where is Graffiti Located and Where is the Product Made?
Graffiti is a product created by the Family Company "Flourish Decal & Design" in Alberta, Canada.
All Designs and final product is produced in Alberta.

Q:Are your Consultants Licensed?
Flourish Decal & Design is fully Licensed and Bonded as a Direct Sale business. This means we are legally allowed to have consultants and they are legally allowed to enter homes for sales. If a company is not licensed it is illegal for them to have consultants running home parties and very illegal for them to be collecting money from anyone ..especially your friends. Customers and consultants of non-licensed businesses are taking the risk upon themselves. We are under the understanding that Flourish Decal & Design is the ONLY CANADIAN OWNED & OPERATED vinyl company that is properly licensed as a Direct Seller.

Q:How Can I Host a Party?
Contact your local Graffiti Consultant to book an Open House Party, book party or online party!
If there is no consultant in your area you can choose to hold a book party or an online party please contact us for more information.
Click here to view the Graffiti Hostes Benefits

Q: How Can I Become a Consultant?
We would love to help you start your own business as a Graffiti Consultant!
For more information check out our NEW CONSULTANT INFORMATION PAGE
Feel free to contact us: newconsultant@graffiticanada.com with any questions.


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- We do not guarantee colors, but are willing to send out color samples before you order.
- Refunds can be given for standard/catalogue quotes that retail for under $100.00.
- Custom orders cannot be refunded or exchanged. Each order is made to order and we do not stock merchandise in house.
- If product is damaged during shipment we will gladly re-make and ship product.
- If a product is damaged during application we will gladly replace individual letters free of charge, if the whole item is damaged please contact us.
- We stand behind our products. .

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