Open House
This party is held as a typical 'home' party. The Demonstrator will have a display, catalogues, order forms and often some samples of Graffiti on glass, boards and used as crafts.

Catalogue Party/Online Party
Love Graffiti but don't have the time to 'host' a party?!
A catalogue party is the way to go!
Take a few catalogues & order forms, gather orders and collect all the benefits of hosting!
This has been extremely valuable for many of our 'hostesses'
contact a local demonstrator to get started!

Graffiti Craft Parties
... a fun way to spend time with friends while creating a new piece of home decor or making gifts!
This option is only offered by Some of our Demonstrators :
Please Contact your local Graffiti Demonstrator about "Graffiti Craft Parties".